House Matcha (80g/2.82oz)


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Review I used to buy matcha powder from local tea shop and always bought the better quality one out of the two kinds they have. It was fine to use it in matcha latte, however it tasted bitter as usucha.

I also recently learned that drinking tea with cow's milk will only prevents me from reaping the health benefits available from the tea. The milk protein, casein, binds catechin, making them unavailable to the body. From then, I started to look for good quality matcha to make usucha and I stumbled upon Hibiki-an website.

I'm super impressed with Hibiki-an House Matcha. From the price stand point, quality and the taste. It froth wonderfully and there is hardly bitter taste. If it all the slight bitter taste must have been presence due to the water I used was moderately hard water (not soft water). I agree with Hibiki-an claims that it is a high quality for an entry grade matcha. It is affordable for everyday consumption, even cheaper than the local shop I used to buy my matcha (not to mention it was not-so-good of quality)! That's why I'm so thrill.

I placed an order on Sunday night swiftly and it arrived on Friday afternoon (5 days!). What amazing is that Hibiki-an offers free international shipping for order USD36 and above! I don't need to purchase 100 dollars to get free shipping which I believe it is a very wise decision from the owner. As tea can lose its freshness quickly, it does not make sense to place a lot of order at one time as the tea which has been open must be consumed soon. I'm very impressed on how the package was packed: carefully and thoughtfully. I feel like I received a gift from a friend. In summary, I'm very happy with the product and Hibiki-an. I'm definitely going to be its loyal customer. Thank you very much and keep up the wonderful work!
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Date November 23, 2014

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