Matcha Superior (40g/1.41oz)


Nickname Maple   (Canada)
Review I bought this matcha along with House Matcha, and Kuradashi Matcha Pinnacle. I like House Matcha because its high quality with such an affordable price. Hardly bitter taste and great value for everyday use! Then one step up from this is Matcha Superior. As I snipped the foil bag, I could smell such creamy aroma. It remains like that every time I open the bag. The taste delivered the smell: not bitter at all and creamy. I like it very much. I highly recommend anyone new to matcha to try this, or even the House matcha. Both matcha are great. But if you can afford it get Matcha Superior as it is only slightly more by US$0.125 per gram.
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Date November 23, 2014

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