Matcha Superior (40g/1.41oz)


Author Leah Haygood   (United States)
Review Macha Superior is what I enjoy drinking on a regular basis. It is smooth with flavors reminiscent of a warm meadow. It does not have a fresh grass-like taste. I am unable to drink any other teas or coffee because of the acid levels in them. Fortunately for me, I discovered Hibiki-an Macha Superior which seems low in acid and gives me the pleasure of drinking a high quality macha. The care and attention that the master grower provides the plants is quite noticeable. In the literature it describes how the fertilizer is developed. My profession is that of a landscape architect and I was particularly interested in the cultivation methods. The literature said that the fertilizer is organic and that it is tasted by the grower. That, I think, is very important because so many fertilizers contain highly acidic compounds and toxins that are picked up by plants from the soil. My sense is that the Hibiki-an fertilizers are not like that. I have tried so many other brands of macha, have several containers in my refrigerator that I paid a lot of money for, have received containers of macha from others as a gift and none of them has been drinkable. They have ranged from being highly acidic to unpleasant tasting. I often drink Macha Superior in the quiet of the morning while sitting outside in my garden, looking at the trees and plants and listening to the sounds of the wind in the pine trees. That experience of the senses enhances the green flavor of the Macha Superior. I have been purchasing Hibiki-an Macha Superior for several years and I recommend it highly. The tea is excellent. The service is efficient, quick and gracious.
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Date May 04, 2014

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