Matcha Superior (40g/1.41oz)


Author Jorge Morais   (Portugal)
Review After ordering my beautiful matcha bowls and all the needed accessories I was ready to try brewing and drinking matcha. This I had never done, since matcha is almost unknown in Portugal (and throughout most of Europe, I guess). I started with the superior grade matcha before trying out the higher grades, and even this "lower grade" tea was a delicious surprise: the taste is very sweet, with a full "body" and a very rich aroma. The colour and look are also wonderful, a deep green frothy pond. If, like me, you don't forget to pass the tea through a fine sieve (I bought it here as well), the powdered tea is very easily dissolved and only a little residue is left in the end at the bottom of the cup. And you don't feel any grains or bits while drinking, as when drinking pressed coffee. It makes a delicious and wholesome drink that feels very different from - but even better than - your ordinary cup of tea.
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Date October 04, 2012

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