Matcha Chawan (Matcha Bowl)


Author Lynn Flewelling   (United States)
Review My first real matcha chawan! It is a very nice bowl, though hardly a collector's item, but then it is not presented to be one. Instead it is a good, inexpensive chawan, great for those of us who want authenticity but can't afford the more pricey ones (yet!). The surface and interior of the chawan are a little rougher than I expected, even from the other reviews, but from what I have read that is the style of Shigaraki pottery. It gives it a nice texture and it's not at all slippery. The color is a very pleasing light earth tone and the weight is great in the hand, just heavy enough to feel comfortable and solid but not clunky. It really conducts heat, too, so the flared lip is good design, since you need to hold it up near the edge when the tea is very hot, and also pleasing to the eye, or mine, anyway. As the tea begins to cools it's a very nice cup to wrap your hands around. All in all, a great entry level chawan!
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Date July 16, 2009

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