Kyusu (teapot: 360ml)


Author Charlie Fall   (United States)
Review I spent a long time researching and pondering what I needed from a teapot - on many sites, I might add. I kept coming back to this one. This teapot is very pleasing on many levels. I love the color. The teapot is not too heavy and a pleasure to hold. It cleans easily. The drip spout is an excellent addition - I thought it was a little strange at first but it works exptremely well. Tea leaves can open fully and produce their best flavor. My only thought, after using a pot with a removable basket for years, was how do I stop the leaves from brewing if I only have one cup at a time and I don't want to keep filling the pot up? I brew the tea, pour one cup for myself and then put the rest of the tea in a small Yixing pot (just for this purpose). It works purfectly. Just love this teapot!
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Date February 13, 2007

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