Genmaicha (200g/7.05oz)


Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review Hands down, this Genmaicha is top of the pops! I have tried so many Genmaicha teas in my life (in Japan, Europe and the US) and absolutely nothing compares to the quality of this wonder-tea!

For a start, the rice is sort of "hard-popped". I'm sure there is a technical term for how crispy these dudes are but I don't know it. This means multiple steepings that have nuttiness to them. I got three perfect pots out of this. I usually toss other brands out after the first brew because the rice is so soggy - NOT THIS ONE! I also like a fairly good ratio of rice to green tea and this has just the right amount. This works because the leaves are such high quality.

The green tea element is simply unbelievable. It seems like they have used some of their top quality leaves in this. There are a lot of really nice, very dark needles, mixed with other very dark leaves. I also noticed a few tiny kuki bits (twigs). The twigs aren't your normal 1 cm size but very delicate ones. So nice! Most other brands use lower-grade leaves, often fat, folded yellowish Yanagi or maybe sanbancha so the bitterness is usually higher - NOT THIS ONE! This Genmaicha is not bitter at all and still gives you that clean mouthfeel.

I've served this several times to "green tea newbies" and those that don't think they like green tea. It wins them over every time.

This tea is so far out in first place in its category that I would give it 6 stars!
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Date August 29, 2012

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