Houjicha (Bancha) (200g/7.05oz)


Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Houjicha (Bencha) another tea in my quest to familiarize my self with my sushi masters favorite style of tea, Houjicha. A very good tea roasting as presented in a mild and mellow tea with many characteristics found in Houjicha except it was not as complex. I could not detect strong definitive structure or layers I was looking for. The flavor was satisfying and leveling and a very relaxing tea. I would prefer to drink this wonderful tea early in the morning or late at night. It would be the perfect tea to baby yourself for winding up or winding down a typical day. I liked this tea very much and I thought to myself that I have been missing good tea by not sampling this tea earlier. Many good teas to drink offered by our tea masters at Hibiki-an to drink and enjoy. I hope more will try this calming tea and write to share their experiences.
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Date February 09, 2010

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