Gyokuro Karigane Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Andriy   (United States)
Review I consider Gyokuro Karigane tea to be a completely different tea to regular Gyokuro. There is a specific sweetness and mellow flavor in this tea and of course, it is of unbelievable value being the least pricey Gyokuro.

When you brew this tea, take some time between sips to let the aftertaste show in your mouth and savor it completely. I think the aftertaste is the real star of this tea and other Gyokuro teas.

What I love most about all Hibiki-An teas is the focus and concentration I get for many hours after drinking tea. I get a lot of work done, which makes the cost of the teas cancelled out by my improvement in work. Gyokuro teas give this focus even more so than other teas.
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Date May 12, 2021

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