Gyokuro Karigane Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Stephanie   (United States)
Review I had to cut back on caffeine and I switched from whole leaf tea to karigane.

The health benefits are wonderful because karigane stems are rich in Teanin. Teanin the amino acid that builds protein.

Lower caffeine amount because caffeine is on the tea leaf, not on the stem. So the less leaves that are brewed, the less caffeine.
Caffeine is also water soluble, so if the tea is steeped for around 30 seconds, the first cup of tea has 90 percent of the caffeine in it, and that cup is tossed into a nearby orchid plant. That is a way to naturally decaffeinate the tea.

The best part of this tea is the unique, full, grassy, rich flavor specific to the Hibiki-An tea farm. The most delicious tea I've ever had. Super high quality. It's an honor to be able to partake in this sacred ceremony of the world's finest tea.

Enjoy! Kanpai!
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Date March 15, 2020

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