Sencha Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Suhel Singh   (India)
Review Sencha is very different from gyokuro. I got initated with gyokuro, then tried sencha. Sencha is a very beautiful tea. It's fruity. The second and third brew's are my favorite. I love this tea. The boost it can give me is amazing. I also love the flavor of this tea. I drink gyokuro daily, but sometimes I like a change, and I drink sencha, just to mix things up :p .
Discovering japanese tea has been one of those defining and life changing events for me. Green tea is something I enjoy daily, a new addition to my life, and its been around 5 months, I've been drinking green tea several times daily.

Also if I want to work at night, I brew sencha at a higher temperature, it extracts more of the caffeine.

Switching from coffee to green tea has been a pleasant experience. Going from 3-4 cups of cappuccino's and mocha's and latte's, its now 3-6 cups of gyokuro and sencha daily. And I'm really enjoying it. :)
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Date January 09, 2013

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