Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Holly Helt   (United Kingdom)
Review Apologies for not putting timings on my last review - thanks for the question! This helped me a lot too!

Because this one is grown using jikagise shading which lets more light in than tana shading, I felt like I wanted to tone down a little of the astringency so I did it with cooler water and longer steeping time...So here’s what I did with the three rounded tablespoons and about 12 oz of water:

First: Start pouring at 3 mins with last golden drop out at 3.47
Temp: 50

Second: Start pouring at 3.05 with last drop out at 4 mins exactly
Temp: 52

Third: With a little less water now because leaves are fuller, started pouring at 2:50 and last drop out 3.45
Temp: 55

Forth: I kind of goofed this one when I started pouring at 2.50 with final drop out at 3.25...increase this a bit
Temp: I raised temp for this trial to 65° too

I'm NEVER this ridged when doing my tea but had my husband time it for me so we could all see. This is NOT how to do it on the package which uses a little higher temp and less time. Hibiki-an, please don't get insulted! :o) I think the western palette will appreciate both methods, but a lot of my friends like just a little less astringency.

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Date July 06, 2012

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