Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Aaron McAvoy   (United States)
Review Years ago a family friend opened a tea shop in the city I lived near. During this time I learned a great appreciation for tea that I'd not had before. Over the past 20 years tea has been a corner stone in my life. Tea drinking, Camellia Sinenis and Herb, has traveled with me during my evolving relationship with life. Oft has a pot of tea been by my side during meditation, yoga, scholastic works, martial arts, business, farming, family and more. It helps fuel my direction and intention, I'm grateful for its existence in life. I have not had the pleasure of tasting the leaves of many places of this world, nor am I a great tea master, but in my simple experience, so far, nothing compares in quality to Hibiki-an's teas. I am proud to drink it, proud to offer it to a stranger, family member or friend. I sing its praises loudly and often. I hope one day to visit Japan, if for no other reason to be in the presence of a simple tea farm. "One cup of tea with a stranger, by the second cup we are friends, by the third we are family," "May I drink this pot of tea with the world." Thank you all-Aaron McAvoy
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Date March 27, 2022

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