Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Rob   (United States)
Review I've enjoyed honing my beverage making abilities over the years, I spent a while with coffee and espresso, making beer and wine, and I've always enjoyed tea, but it is difficult to find high quality tea in the United States, even on Amazon. There's always a disconnect even between basic restaurant green tea and what you can find. You often get a yellow and brown color from most teas.

This tea is unbelievable, it's color is a vibrant green and it has all of the characteristics of a sophisticated ceremonial grade matcha without actually drinking matcha. The flavor is rich and smooth with almost no bitterness. Even the subsequent steeping seems like it's just as good as the first, which is not something very common in tea sold in the US.

I will be drinking this tea for a long time to come.
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Date May 25, 2021

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