Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Yogi RaaMu   (Germany)
Review Dear Atsushi Yasui,

due to the rare pleasure of some free days without schedule I had the rare opportunity of looking deeper into my tea cupboard. And what I found was amazing! Over the years of purchasing activities with Hibiki-an I just stored all the things I received with your deliveries.
I found 58 of your beautiful postcards thereof 24 different ones (see enclosed picture).
Also I could get a good impression of your development. It started with little printouts on beautiul paper which were then at a point in time combined into the little booklets (see picture no. two).
Also the colour of the beautiful paper bags changed. I often use them to wrap gifts, for example your tea I'm proudly giving to friends on special occasions.

This experience with the tea cupboard convinced me to spend a little more effort, to take the pictures and to write some word of appreciation for what you are doing with Hikiki-an for me and I think for many more customers around the globe. Thank you very much for your products and the selling model you started many years ago. You are one of the most important suppliers in my life and it is always a pleasure to take a new package of tea out of the deep freezer looking forward to the next personal brewing ceremony and tea enjoyment.

Thank you for being out there with your company in far away and beautiful Japan. I hope that your business will flourish successfully year after year. I'm happy to be your customer. Thank you very much for your service.

With best regards sent from Germany
Yogi RaaMu
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Date September 13, 2020

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