Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname maria and mihai   (Romania)
Review This was my first time drinking Gyokuro, i was used to drink green tea from local stores and also from Portugal, which were OK , but when i opened the Gyokuro pack from Hibiki-an, i was shocked when i saw the deep green colour...what ?!?! How can it be so green !!! it looks so fresh, the other green tea i had from Portugal was brown. The texture of this Gyokuro is like silk and pearls before you add it to the water, it`s like you have tiny pearls moving in the spoon, then in the water they are green and fresh, like they were picked today, amazing experience. OK now, so i tried to prepare it the Hibiki-an way , no bitterness, then i tried to brew it much longer (my way), to make it stronger, again no bitterness, it has a texture that is thicker, like you are drinking a cream. Hibiki-an, we are hooked now, we will buy GREEN tea only from you, so happy that we found you, thank you for your amazing products and for the FREE shipping, this is incredible. Can`t wait to try other teas from you, like Sencha and Karigane. Hello from Romania !
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Date January 09, 2019

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