Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Irina Slootsky   (United States)
Review Thank you for the order.

I received it yesterday and tried it today in the morning. I am very much experienced tea drinker. In the suburbs of the Washington DC where I live we have Chinese tea store TenRen Tea. The all store is devoted to sell only tea and you can by anything anybodies wild fantasies and demands of the tea and tea products in this store. I go to this store for 10 years. In this store there is only one type of Japanese tea which I usually buying from them. I order from you just for the sake of interest and did not expect to much of the excitement from your tea. BUT today in the morning I did not even look what tea from your order I opened firs I was in the hurry to go to work. It is surprised me with its beautiful smell but the main surprise was when I try the tea. It is an exceptional taste like nothing before I experienced.

This tea has a unique combination of sweetness and freshness but at the same time it is very powerful and strong! This tea someone needs to have time to drink and enjoy slowly it is beautiful! I am going home tonight and look at the package name and let you know.

Thank you, so very much for the wonderful tea.

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Date July 13, 2007

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