Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Nickname Chelo   (United States)
Review I love anything that has to do with Royal Houses around the word. I know that Japan has one of the oldes royal house in the world, witch I love! When I read that the Emperor in Japan drinks this specific tea I needed to try it, so I gat it. The tea isn't inexpensive, but every little leave is worth it weight in gold. I'm a florist so the only way I could describe to you what it tastes like is with flowers. If Gyokuro Superior is like a red rose and the Sencha Superior is a white rose, then we have the Sencha Pinnacle is a soft pink rose. To me this tea is perfect, it taste like if you when to your garden early in the morning plucked a few petals of your pink roses and made tea out of it. Of course you can not use tap water here in New York City, the quality of the water isn't good. Japan since to have one of the most beautiful waters in the world so their tea must taste amazing. Here in the states I have found that only eve water has the perfect taste to brewed this and any teas that are worth it. The water can't be to hot either,like they instructs you to heat the water at 80 degrees Celsius and no more then a minute. The best thing, you could use the leaves three times and each time it taste different but good! Enjoy it! ( I'm a real person and a real consumer, also I haven't been pay to write this. This are my opinions, if you don't trust me buy it and try it. )
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Date November 22, 2016

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