Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Pirjo Pun   (Canada)
Review I wrote a review of the Gyokuro Superior 10 years ago, which is when I first started ordering tea from Hibikian and thought I would write an update for my 10th anniversary.
So here I am 10 years and dozens of orders later and still loving my Gyokuro Superior tea (I do drink other Gyokuros but this is my favourite because of the price, considering how much I drink every day). I am absolutely addicted to my Hibikian tea. :)
I have recently been fortunate enough to go on vacation to Japan for the first time and I went to Uji because I wanted to see where my tea comes from. Keiko, wife of the owner was wonderful, she showed us (my daughter and myself) around MY tea farm - it was so wonderful to actually see "my" tea growing. Keiko was so lovely, visiting Hibikian was definitely a highlight of my/our trip.
Thank you Keiko and Hibikian, I hope to come back and visit before another 10 years goes by.
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Date July 13, 2016

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