Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author Fred Raleigh   (United States)
Review This is a wonderful introduction into higher grade loose leaf green teas. I would follow the brewing instructions to the tee (sorry for the pun). What I like about the tea is the flavor, aroma and taste. I have not tried higher grades of this particular tea. I have tried lower grades of the same tea and can say that the lower grades of this tea are not as flavorful and tend to the bitter side. If this tea is left to brew to long it will become bitter and the final cup of tea will have a very high level of caffeine which tends to distract from the tea's natural flavor. If you completely drain the tea pot you can rebrew the same leaves one more time and get tea that is very comprable to the original seep.

Comment from Hibiki-an;
Thank you so much your brewing instructions. It must be a great helpful.
If you feel this Gyokuro Superior a little bitter, brewing water temperature might be a little high. Please brew by low temperature water (140 - 158F: 60 - 70C), you can enjoy the sweet taste and the mellow aroma. Please try once!
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Date September 04, 2005

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