Gyokuro Superior (200g/7.05oz)


Author justin forsman   (United States)
Review My first order from Hibiki-an contained a packet of the Gyokuro Premium, which I loved it lasted me just less than a month). I decided that this was the tea for me!! But upon doing the math and seeing what my yearly tea bill would be I had second thoughts and decided to try the Gyokuro Superior. I was certain that the quality would be substantially different from the superior grade, and that I would be disappointed.

The shipment arrived (about 6 days after placing the order, these guys are the BEST!) and I quickly brewed up two cups, one of the new premium and one of the superior. Imagine my surprise upon tasting them and (quite happily) discovering that the differences between the two (in my opinion) are more associated with the characteristics of the tea, not the quality. Both grades are equally amazing in their own way. A side by side comparison yielded no favorite, just wonderful differences and experiences. The quality of this tea is quite remarkable for the price.

As it has become hot where I live I have been using the superior to make iced tea, and the Hibiki-an recipes serves this well. I highly recommend you try it, as the taste of the tea is quite different when it is brewed in cold water versus hot.

I have to give Hibiki-an my highest praise. The way they conduct business is admirable not only in regards to how they treat the customer, but in the pride they place in their product.
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Date June 29, 2006

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