Gyokuro Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Jennifer Marshall   (United States)
Review Hello Hibiki-an,

Firstly, the customer service/shipping was incredible. I ordered on October 27th and received my tea on October 29th. I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and 2 days for delivery from Japan is remarkable. Secondly, I will have to agree with another reviewer that claimed that there is very little difference between the Premium and the Pinnacle Gyokuro. The difference is very subtle but present. Like many, I have ordered green tea from a few other big name sources and the quality of the Japanese green teas in the U.S. are poor in comparison, but prices remain high. I believe that Hibiki-an will be my source for Japanese green tea. They have the whole package from stellar customer service to incredibly fast shipping to the best part which is wonderful green teas.
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Date October 31, 2010

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