NINSEI HANA SAKURA (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


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Nickname Monica Miller   (United States)
Review NINSEI HANA SAKURA is a beautifully made matcha bowl. I have a lot of bowls in a wide range of prices and at $106 this is a lot of bowl for the money.

The bowl itself is a beautiful creamy white, lightweight, and with a gorgeous crackled glaze. It’s slightly pinched at the middle, though not really visible. You can feel it if you run your finger down the inside of the bowl. There’s a slight tulip shaped curvature. The flowers are rendered very nicely and the colors are beautiful. You get all sorts of colors: pink, white, reddish pink, green leaves, a bit of gold.

Drinking matcha out this lovely bowl is a joy. The fact that the entire bowl was handmade and decorated makes this a great buy. I’m happy to have added it to my collection.
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Date October 12, 2021

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