Teapot CLEAR - Filter Top (450ml)


Nickname Sarah   (United States)
Review Best teapot ever. I wanted something functional rather than just beautiful. so I'm so glad I got this new teapot made by Hario. Brewing and cleanup is a breeze! Though I get a bit scared about cracking the glass. My husband actually bought a tall glass teapot from Hario in the past but I didn't love how annoying it was to clean the strainer inside. Also, because it was so big and the strainer sat so high, I couldn't make smaller brews. This doesn't have that problem. I love that with this one, I can choose exactly how much I want to brew.
It strains perfectly and I actually love that I get to see all of the leaves doing their thing through the clear vessel. I was really tempted to get a more traditional teapot but I'm glad I got this one since it'll get me to drink more frequently. If you're looking for something that you can use everyday and still spark some joy aesthetically, look no further.
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Date November 13, 2020

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