Sencha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Author Angelina Ferre'   (United States)
Review This is the very best "Sencha" you will find!!!!

I have tasted so many variations of this tea and I always drank it quickly because the taste was difficult to bear ,and I thought Sencha was supposed to taste awful;That is, until I tried "Hibiki-an Sencha"

"Hibiki-an Sencha" ,if you have not tried this tea,I urge you to try it once and I can assure you that not only will you be pleasantly surprized by the clean/fresh and delicious taste but you will want no other!!!

Hibiki-an tea is the finest,purest/freshest,and best tasting tea you will find;and like me ,once you try the teas you will recognize that it is in fact of the highest quality and the best tasting tea !

I agree with the last reviewer:this tea is far tooooo great to rate it "good",it is excellent!

Once again Mr.Atsushi Yasui,thank you so much for providing the very finest green teas and teaching me that green tea can taste very, very good!!!


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Date March 24, 2006

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