RUBIA (premium plum glace)


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Author Monica Miller   (United States)
Review These plums are delicious and have minimal ingredients. I relish each one. Previous to this the only plum I knew of was the Umeboshi, which is quite salty. These are sweet and just a bit tart and have a lot of flavor. They soft, plump, and squishy. I do have one word of caution though. These do have a pit, and the pit can be quite sharp. With that being said, I decided to very carefully (and with gloved hands) remove the pits in advance. It does distort the plum a little but you can easily squeeze it back into shape gently. You’ll need gloves because they are very sticky. I enjoyed them even more after I took out all the pits (but a warning, you will go through your container a lot faster since you won’t be able to stop eating them, they are THAT GOOD!). Without the danger of cutting your mouth from a sharp pit, there’s more enjoyment. You get about 10 in the package. Each one is about a three bite morsel. I love these and look forward to buying more.
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Date December 15, 2021

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