Organic Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz)


Nickname Paul   (France)
Review Quality teas are also a pleasure of the mind, and at Hibiki-an you show it well; indeed, reading Hibiki-an website and informations is very interesting. 

I perceive well the strong differences between one and another Matcha (I was so glad to discover Organic Super Premium which shows a gap with regular Organic, and I'm sensible to Hand-picked tea), as well the subtle changes through time in a same batch: I keep my 120g refills carefully closed without air and fill up regularly a small lacquered-wood container, then I notice how the Matcha develops once open, getting more mellow, sweet and dense. 

I'm very contented that Hibiki-an offers now a finest quality of Organic Matcha, and in value-refill as I enjoy to alternate it with Pinacle (doing a parallel with my home wines - excuse my frenchiness!, I would set the comparison between a Beaujolais-nouveau and a matured Bourgogne).
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Date March 28, 2019

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