Organic Matcha Stick Packs (30 x 2g/0.07oz)


Nickname CB   (Canada)
Review These tiny gems are a godsend to green tea / matcha aficionados on the go. Be it camping, commuting, or working, I was able to enjoy the gorgeous mellow sweetness of Hibiki An's organic matcha in the unlikeliest of places throughout the summer and fall - and will continue to do so until these run out and I can reorder a new batch!
All you need is a bottle, cool water, and one of these delightful packets and you're all set - achieving a thick matcha foam is easy with the bottle shaking method outlined by Hibiki-An, and what's more this particular matcha froths especially well to boot. :)
Highly recommended, will certainly re-order.
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Date October 14, 2017

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