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Matcha Superior Large Bag (120g/4.23oz)


Nickname Lyn   (Singapore)
Review I have been drinking this everyday for the past 3 weeks. Overall, this is great matcha for its quality and price if you want to have matcha daily. It has a nutty and sweet aroma, a beautiful colour. There is a pleasant vegetal taste with minimum bitterness, and the aftertaste is sweet, making it a good quality matcha for drinking! (I heard the higher grades have stronger umami profiles, can't wait!)

I have been drinking tea except matcha till now, and the energy-boosting and calming effects of matcha together with the act of brewing it traditionally greatly improves my morning routine and work. Thank you Hibiki-an!

(A picture of one of the better brews I had one morning, still experimenting the ratios~)
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Date October 01, 2022

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