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Matcha Superior Large Bag (120g/4.23oz)


Nickname Tagami   (United States)
Review I highly recommend this grade of Matcha in the 120 gm bag to anyone who wishes to enjoy this type of premium quality tea on a daily basis. The flavor is nuanced and complex and the finish is long; having one or two cups of usucha each morning while contemplating the day is now a deeply important ritual for me. Shipping is free for this size of bag, which means that we order it on a monthly basis with no worries. The cost per cup is far less than what many people pay at a fancy coffee shop, and it feels right to know that the revenue is going directly to the grower/producer, and not a trader. The only thing that could make this better is the option to subscribe and have the shipments come to me automatically, because from time to time I forget to order and find I am without my Hibiki-an for a few days until my shipment arrives, once again, directly from Kyoto.
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Date April 25, 2019

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