YUZU Peel (Japanese citrus peel glace)


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Author lance scrivner   (United States)
Review I am pleased give a review of the Zuzu peel place. What a happy surprise this confection is. Peel strips are a perfect 'one serving' size. The texture feels firm to
the touch but offers a soft bite. The body texture is even throughout - no hard bits.
The initial sweetness of sugar quickly gives over to the Yuzu and the fresh citrus flavor takes over and melows out settling in the mouth and on the tongue. The lingering taste is subtle yet full - quite pleasing. Pair this treat with any good sencha or gyokuro, My wife slices pieces to put in ice cream. I also could see this peel on the same saucer with a good espresso. This Yuzu Peel treat is both special and delightful.
Cheers - enjoy,

Lance Scrivener

Two Haikus for your pleasure:

The toad talks all night
The frog sings all day
The dragonfly hovers silently
Avoiding danger.

The rain begins
The droplets fall
So many worlds
I know just one.

All the best to everyone!
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Date November 15, 2016

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