TENMOKU Kyusu (handcrafted Kyusu: 400ml)


Nickname Andrew   (Malaysia)
Review This is a really special item to use. It is deceptively attractive and has an elegance and brilliance that is not quite captured in the photographs here. It was my first kyusu, having only used a hohin to make gyokuro and a tea ball strainer for other teas, before purchasing this. A kyusu really is essential and this one has been a superb introduction, it is a unique piece of art.

There is great satisfaction in seeing the shape of the body and the perfect fit of the lid. The colours are exquisite. I have used it for competition grade sencha, sencha fukamushi, and houjicha and have been very pleased with the results.

I really do recommend it. It was a little more than I had originally budgeted but I haven't regretted acquiring this piece at all. It's excellent.
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Date February 26, 2017

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