Matcha Cornetta (modern confection)


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Nickname Matchalover   (Canada)
Review I love to try new Japanese tea treats as well as continue having my favorites...this is already a favorite, at first bite, along with Hibiki-an's yokan. A very high quality treat.

The matcha tastes very high grade and delicious without being too subtle nor overpowering. The crepe is like a delicate crisp cookie. I thought there would be filling in the center but there wasn't. Instead, a wonderful matcha creaminess is somehow part of the crepe itself, and surprises you as a secondary taste. This is a cookie to be savored and not rushed. As so many Japanese tea treats, this does not have an overpowering sugar load, and this makes it perfect with matcha or sencha.

Thank you for offering this treat!
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Date October 14, 2015

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