GOHONDE (handcrafted Matcha Bowl)


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Nickname David Waters   (Australia)
Review This is a very pretty bowl. Haha. Actually, I bought it after the fantastic experience I had with another line by Kagetsu Kiln, two Yunomi called Kaki-yu and Gohonde. I was enthralled with the lightness of the latter and the shape and feel of the former. In this chawan you have echoes of the same. The foot is nicely carved, though a little heavy and does add some weight to the bowl that I wish wasn't there. The carving of the takadai-waki (lower, outer wall) is lovely, though it sometimes feels like there could be a surplus of glaze. I know that it is difficult to control the effect, though, and do not think it detracts very much from the overall integrity of the product. You do need to season this lightly to remove some of the glaze odour, but this seems to be normal for clearer glazes. Use tepid water. I liked drinking from the chawan. I have only made usucha in it so far, but get the feeling it would be properly suited to koicha, where the shape of the cha-damari can be used to full effect when kneading the matcha. Gohonde is an effective complement to any collection of tea bowls. My first recommendation will always be a black raku bowl (available from this company), simply because it is the zenith of chawan technology and design. Give this a go for any of the reasons mentioned above.
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Date May 02, 2016

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