Matcha Container (capacity 40g)


Nickname David Waters   (Australia)
Review There are numerous ways to use these canisters. Here are some that I have employed.

1. Canister for Matcha. Using these as intended works admirably. I've been keeping some HOUSE MATCHA in one and its taste has not changed noticeably. I'd say they work as effectively as promised.

2. Transporting and storing small quantities of tea. Tea sellers will recommend drinking your opened packages of tea as quickly as possible to avoid the impact of deterioration. Of a 100g package, I often place 40g in one of these and take it to work. The metal design is safe in my bag and keeps the tea well. In this way, I can consume my current batch of tea more quickly and avoid carrying it to and from work, which can break delicate tea like FUKAMUSHI.

I wash these sometimes, and would recommend drying them immediately afterwards to avoid unnecessary stains.
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Date March 17, 2016

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