Matcha Pinnacle Refill (120g/4.23oz)


Nickname Peace Lady   (United States)
Review Having just finished the last of my Matcha Super Premium I was excited to try this Matcha Pinnacle. Wow!!! This is taking matcha to an even higher level. The lush green color is so beautiful and refreshing. I find that this matcha pinnacle takes an even better "froth" than the super premium. I highly recommend you treat yourself to the ultimate matcha experience with pinnacle. I have been enjoying it both hot and iced. I enjoy it iced in two ways. I use the ice teapot from Hibiki and add some pinnacle to sencha which is the cold brew method. I also like to prepare the matcha the traditional way and then pour it over a very tall glass filled with ice. Superb!!!!! This pinnacle matcha refill makes it more affordable to purchase this exquisite tea. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Hibiki for making these green teas available to us.
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Date July 11, 2016

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