KUROCHIKU Chasen (Bamboo Whisk)


Author Alexander Ulyanov   (Russian Federation)
Review For those who wonder if they really need a chasen to whisk matcha, and doubt that it really has any bearing on the taste: leaving aside that whisking with a chasen changes the experience of having matcha per se, chasen also makes it tastier. If you mix matcha powder in a cup of water with a spoon, or fork, or some random stick, it would be just a solution of tea powder in water (think of Fervex or similar products for a simile). But when you whisk it with a chasen, the solution is aerated (maybe somehow similar to milk for latte coffee), and the air makes its taste both deeper and more mellow. It also feels a bit different in your mouth.

Matcha prepared without a chasen is still delicious and not less healthy, but if you liked the tea and feel like taking it more often than occasionally, I think getting a chasen would worth it.

This chasen is nicely made, solidly packaged and seems to be crafted without chemicals (just smell it when you take it out of the box).
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Date October 03, 2018

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