Matcha Sifter


Nickname David Waters   (Australia)
Review This is one of several elements that combine to make a perfect Matcha experience. I was previously using a tea strainer (dry, of course) with a CHASHAKU to sift Matcha. When I graduated to this piece of equipment, and using KURO RAKU, I found there to be an incredible difference in the smoothness of the finished USUCHA. I say one of several elements, because it is true that the KURO RAKU CHAWAN in my collection does have an unmistakable impact on taste. I do not use the lower half of the sifter (there is a base, a lid, and the sieve itself), because I have a variety of Matcha grades and prefer to sift directly to the CHAWAN. I'm not sure how this fits with rules of etiquette, but have discovered no effect upon the taste one way or another. Purchase this sifter for the chance to experiment with one of the many variables that contribute to an enjoyable Matcha experience.
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Date March 17, 2016

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