Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Erik O'Brien   (United States)
Review Most people write about the flavor and/or aroma of the products offered by Hibiki-an but I prefer to write about the health benefits and what it has done for me. I am new to Japanese green tea and have only been drinking steadily since Feb 2011. I went to Japan in 2010 and was blown away by the flavors and upon returning missed it very much. Through internet searches I came across Hibiki-an. Prior I had matcha and others from other companies but new they were not an even decent grade. I chose to order from Hibiki-an as opposed to the countless others because of the way they present themselves. Meaning more like genuine people who wish to promote tea and help you with it as opposed to soley making money. Anyway....match super premium and Gykoro super premium have done wonders for my health. I lost 8 pounds, a much clearer skin, and increased stamina. The stamina is what I am most happy about. I ride mountain bikes and on weekends generally ride 15 miles a day and on good days can do 20 but will come home tired and having to take a nap. Because of the matcha super premium and gyokuro super premium that I take before and after a ride I now do 20 + miles on both weekend days and when I have time I go over 30 miles with ease without taking naps!!! Although already health conscious and not having a weight problem (just a little belly that I would joke often as a 3 month pregnancy) I shaved the 8 pounds which was basically retained sugar weight that I accumulated from drinking coke and large coffees with 3 sugars and half and half. Because of the green tea after a time the constituents in the tea have CURBED by desires for these products and other things as well! When some people diet they conscientiously stay away from certain foods but their minds usually send the strong desire for the body to want these foods and most people unless they have a strong will and mind break thusfore breaking their diet. The key with matcha (Hibiki-an Matcha of course!) is that it will curb your desire and soon you will realize you are NOT putting in the effort. You are UNcounsciously not wanting your usual vice. It is now winter 2012 and I still have coke cans with the design of spring 2011!!! I just do not have the desire! This is not to say I never drink coke or coffee because I do BUT its once or twice every two weeks and I was a person who was drinking these things DAILY! It may seem expensive but if you value your health as one should please buy Matcha Super Premium and Gyokuro Super Premium or even Superior grades and drink daily. You WILL see results. And for those who do some form of physical activity....drink before and WILL see your workouts improve. Don't like the taste of Matcha??? There are so many other things you can do.....sprinkle over oatmeal, rice pudding even ice cream! THANK YOU HIBIKI-AN FOR CHANGING MY LIFE!!!!!
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Date January 04, 2012

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