Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Heather Neill   (United States)
Review Hibiki-an provided excellent customer service prior to my placing an order, and answered my questions promptly. My order arrived 7 days from the date I ordered it (that's 7 days, not 7 business days!) and was wrapped in a lovely gift bag, and included a pretty Japanese post card.

I am very impressed with the quality of the matcha itself. The color is a bright, vibrant green, indicative of high quality, as compared to some of the cheaper brands I can purchase locally, which are a dull, bland green.

The taste is smooth, light, fresh, and refined without a trace of the bitterness prevalent in lesser quality matchas; and it froths nicely in my chawan. I have paid substantially more for a smaller quantity (plus postage) from other companies and not been more pleased than I am with Hibiki-an's Super Premium matcha which was shipped postage free.

As with any superior matcha, Super Premium provides 3 to 4 hours of increased subtle energy, focus, and sense of well being.
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Date March 19, 2011

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