Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Alex Su   (Singapore)
Review During my trip in Kyoto in October, I tried matcha there and loved how it tasted and the health benefits it brings. Once I was back home, I bought a $12 matcha from a local departmental store (not this Hibiki matcha). It was nothing like what I had back in Kyoto; bitter, and green tea flavour was not there at all.

I then came across Hibiki-an and saw this Matcha Super Premium. I bought the canister, a refill pack and the Pinnacle refill pack as well. So far I have only tasted this Super Premium Matcha and I loved it. There's no bitter taste, and the green tea aroma was rich and fresh; totally different from the one I got from my departmental store.
Would definitely buy again from Hibiki once I finish my current batch of matcha. Highly recommended!
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Date December 08, 2014

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