Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author angela lawrie   (United States)
Review I love all of the Matcha teas that I've tried from Hibiki-an, but the Super Premium is my favorite. It has just the right flavor, very balanced. I have 2 cups everyday instead of coffee. I've tried other brands, but nothing beats the authenticity of Hibiki-an. The customer service is excellent as well. I'd much rather wait a few days for my shipment to arrive in the mail then go to my local tea shop or even Whole Foods and by another brand. This evening I had trouble opening my 40g. canister. This is the first time that has every happened to me. This was not my first time opening this canister, however, for some reason the lid seemed to have gotten wedged on after my last use. After asking a friend to see if he could attempt to open, he was unsuccessful. So, I sent an email to Hibiki-an and within minutes they responded, apologetically with some suggestions. I was so shocked that the response was so quick given that I'm in the US and the time difference. Needless to say, I was able to open the can after a few more attempts and their suggestion. That's what I call customer service...excellence in tea and excellence in service!
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Date January 16, 2014

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