Matcha Super Premium (40g/1.41oz in canister)


Author Luis Ortiz   (United States)
Review I was looking for a green tea ina health food store when i came across a container of poder green tea that also had powder ginger mixed with the green tea.the info frrom the can did not give much info on benfit from drinking powder green tea. I started to do research on green tea and came across an article on matcha tea and all of its benfits. So I google to see where I can find Pure matcha tea and across the web site of the Hibiki Tea House where you can get the matcha direct fromthe source. I order a matcha tea kit andsome premiun matcha tea. When I recived the kit I was very impresss how quickly I recived a shippment from Japan! The package was very well packed. From the bag andthe Box it came in was beautiful. I watch on youtube how to prepare the tea and then I unpacked the kit. The is beautiful. The bamboo wisk and spoon is very nice especially the wisk holder which ipurchas seperately. As I prepared the matcha I love the aroma coming from the tea. My first drink was amazing. First I want to gratefully Thank Japan and theHibiki Tea House for sharing this amazing tea to thee world. I am so honor to be able to purchase straight from where it is grown to be deliver to my house. Every time i sip this green tea i am remined what a privilege to be able to have this exquisite tea from Japan. Thank You Hibiki for sharing.

Sincerely Yours

Luis Ortiz
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Date January 04, 2014

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