Hand Sifter (Chakoshi)


Nickname Jennifer Falzarano   (United States)
Review So on the 16th of June 2023, I ordered a sifter to go with my matcha. I decided to upgrade from my beloved matcha super premium to match my Kuro- Raku matcha bowl, so I ordered a 30g tin plus a refill bag of matcha pinnical grade. -
Let me just say this much !!!
Ohhhhh mmm g sooooooo delicious n delicate n sooo creamy n u can smell n literally taste Spring in a bowl of matcha.

I did mine room temperature n cool I used in this order.
- take your matcha bowl n rest it in front of you
- take 1-4 bamboo scoops of matcha n rest it into sifter then press down n in clockwise circles till alllll matcha is sifted into bowl n tap a few times to clean scoop
- take 1-3 sake shot cups filled to the brim of water n pour into bowl with sifted matcha
- whisk till frothy letter W or the # 8 make sure as u u whisk to touch bottom of bowl n whisk
- hold bottom of bowl in “ IF U R A LEFTY OR A RIGHTY “ hold bottom of bowl in IM A RIGHTY SO I HOLD BOWL IN MY LEFT HAND N THEN PLACE YOUR RIGHT HAND TO THE SIDE. then spin 2 times clockwise to u n keep left hand on bottom n right hand on side hold bowl n sip in 3 sips n breath in n out n in n out n repeat n reflect on each of the 3 sips. then again 2 counterclockwise spins away from u n wash bowl n dry very well with a towel. u do not use to dry your face nor while counters nor after washing your hands with keep a reserved clothe to clean bamboo scoop n matcha bowl clean n dry -
Like the movie The Karate Kid part 2 without the love scene it’s very much a very personal n reflective n beautiful tea drinking matcha tea.

I have had matcha tea from a coffee shop that no longer exists here in Florida USA, n then I’ve tried Teavanas matcha tea was satisfying then I’ve tried a chain store called The Spice And Tea Exchange shops there allllllllllllllllllllllllllll over the place they don’t tell u much n they don’t know much about the tea. it was very satisfying as well - - - but my trust n love of Hibiki-An is why I come back again n again n again I trust the quality of Hibiki-An !

The way the pinnacle grade tastes is very creamy n delicious n delicate n beautiful like a Spring Day in New Jersey as the leaves budding n tender n shoots of flowers begin to wake up from a deep sleep n the air feels n taste green n fresh n alive !!!
The sifter just elevated my matcha green tea to a level I was missing the softer is very helpful in just making the matcha tea powder softer before adding the water n then whisking .
I feel like I’m a expert now thanks to this tool.
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Date June 22, 2023

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