Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


Author Jayson Moss   (United States)
Review All of the teas I have tried from Hibiki-an have been far above and beyond anything else available. I have tried tea from all over the world, and there is simply nothing that compares to Hibiki-an in terms of overall quality, as well as incredibly fast shipping. I must however state that the Gyokuro Pinnacle is THE finest tea I have ever had in my entire life. I feel blessed to have had the oppertunity to experience such an exquisite delicacy. The first time I ordered from Hibiki-an I purchased some Kargaine, some mid grade Gyokuro, and Pinnacle Gyokuro, and I began to drink them one by one in that order. The Kargaine tea forever changed my appreciation for tea, and I felt instantly transformed to a field of lucious plants, and green flavors- the likes I had never before experienced. Then the Gyokuro, which by far exceeded anything I had ever enjoyed before. The subtle balance of earth, water, wind, air and fire could all be savored in a perfectly round palate. Then, I finally tasted the Gyokuro Pinnacle. This tea is by far the most wonderful, delicious, honest to goodness little gem of nature I had ever ever had the honor to enjoy. The delicate flavors bloom and change in a way that I can only describe as enlightening. I don't mean to over state how great it is, but I honestly so strongly about it that I feel it must be said.
I consider myself a tea conniseur, and Gyokuro is one of my favorite types of tea. Hibiki-an Gyokuro is something that is set apart from all else, it is in a class of quality all its own. I hesitate to merely call it a beverage or a drink because it is so much more than that. Like a fine wine, the Gyokuro that I get from Hibiki-an is something that conveys with it not only wonderful flavor, but spiritualiity, generosity, life, and tradition.
Thank you Hibiki-an. -Jayson R. Moss
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Date January 14, 2009

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