Gyokuro Pinnacle (40g/1.41oz)


Author Michael Noel   (United States)
Review Hibiki-an's Gyokuro Pinnacle exceeded my expectations for premium green tea. I have had several Gyokuro in the States, and none compare to Hibiki-an's Pinnacle. I was in Uji, Japan recently and was served a sublime green tea at a high-end pottery studio, and I believe it was Hibiki-an's Gyokuro Pinnacle. I ordered the Pinnacle online hoping it would resemble the tea I was served in the pottery studio. It in fact tastes exactly like what I was served. It is subtle, gentle, mildly grassy and nutty, and so silky smooth. It is fresh and sublime, just as I experienced on the banks of the Uji river.
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Date September 27, 2018

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