Sencha Fukamushi Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Author Stephan Kempgen   (Germany)
Review If you are looking for a comparatively cheap everyday tea that is yet sophisticated and very nuanced in its taste, look no further.
Hibiki-An's Sencha Fukamushi Premium is my daily goto tea to start my day. While you can of course brew it in a small teapot to get the maximum balanced taste between light astringency and mellow sweetness - I personally prefer it a bit stronger in my KIKU MON strainer mug. From experience I can state that you can brew it up to three times without any loss of taste even if you brew it like me with a higher volume of water due to the bigger mug. So you not only get all the health benefits from the micronutrients (polyphenols, vitamins, etc) in the tea but also add a healthy amount of water to your body.
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Date March 31, 2023

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