Sencha Fukamushi Premium (100g/3.53oz)


Nickname nerdicus   (United States)
Review This tea is extraordinary. I did a comparison between this tea and another Sencha premium tea I have used for years. I won't name the other tea I used but it is graded as a premium Sencha. In my test, I used clear glass teacups, the same amount of tea, the same temperature of water (distilled), and the same steeping time. The Hibiki-an Sencha was a brighter green, had a much stronger aroma, and there was no clouding. The other Sencha was a duller green, had a small amount of clouding in the cup, and was not as aromatic. I did not know what superior green teas were until I found Hibiki-an! Thank you Hibiki-an.
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Date November 08, 2022

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