Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Erik O'Brien   (United States)
Review Is it possible to drink heaven? With Farmers Shincha, I say YES!

Shincha is here and like anyone else I eagerly anticipated mine in the mail.
I ordered Farmers Shincha as well as Shincha Traditional (please check my review) and judging from the description I knew I had to try this one first. Everything from scent to taste is a unique experience.

Upon opening the package I was immediately struck by the wondrous smell of absolute freshness. I did not even have to put my nose to the bag, as its smell permeated my surrounding space. I immediately smiled. When something so simple as the scent of tea leaves can make one smile…..I knew I was in for something special.

Upon my first sip I immediately exclaimed WOW! Which is a rarity for me as I live alone and do not have tendencies to speak aloud!

Minimally processed (even stems left in) this apparently is the closest you will get to tasting the leaves in its natural state and what an incredible unique experience this is.

This tea is extremely unique in flavor. I have found it to give off an amazing triple level of flavor! The initial taste when the liquid goodness hits your taste buds is seemingly mild and smooth. Then its Gyokuro like crispness and astringency hits and hits pretty hard. And then even when finished its refreshing flavor will linger well after consumption all along the inner walls of your mouth.

Funny thing is that I am actually not a fan of Senchas. Generally, I only buy them now, during first harvest. I prefer a good Gyokuro & Matcha to Sencha any day. Farmers Sencha is almost like a good strong Gyokuro yet it maintains its Sencha “feel” if you will.

I have a tendency to not eat food or sweets when drinking Hibiki-an tea as so that I can attain the full effect of what I am experiencing and let me tell you that this is a tea that is best experienced alone.

As vast as the English dictionary is I cannot describe what a sensation this tea gives me. Its amazing that something so simple as tea can do this to a person.

I am so amazed by this tea that I will be purchasing MANY more bags of this before they run out as this is a Sencha that has taken me away from my beloved Gyokuro and I am too happy to submit to its profound spell it has placed on me.

If you are someone who is a little afraid or turned off by astringent teas, PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND TRY THIS AT LEAST ONCE! I believe you will be pleasantly surprised. And for the quantity you will receive at its price point, you cannot at all go wrong. I know for me, I wish I could drink this all year round.
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Date June 11, 2012

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