Farmers' Shincha (160g/5.64oz)


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Author Barbara C. Glancy   (United States)
Review Today in the USA is National Walk in the Woods Day! Forest owners mostly farmers open their lands to hikers of all ages in hopes that others will enjoy the great outdoors and all that forests have to offer. Hibiki-an does the same and less is more! The 2011 Farmer's Shincha is just as welcoming a tea as last years. This years Aracha may have a bit more flock in the liqueur and that may add a bit more bitterness. That distinction can be managed with lower water temperatures and less brewing time. When the tea steeps for one miniute at 176 degrees you will get a unbelievably aristocratic color. The flavors are intense and manageably bitter in a good way. But for some who are extremely hypersensitive to bitter will react. They may call this tea Aracha meaning crude or unrefined but in the hands of a passionate and artful brewing individual art and beauty is well defined in this 2011 harvest. I prepared my Aracha in my new bengere enhanced crazed glazed bowl from Hibiki-an called Hyo Retsu or "cracked ice". The effect of the pairing was visually remarkable and uplifting. Passion, understanding and creativity joined with basic rules will help you find your preferred taste notes with good tea. You can make brewing look easy amongst your guests as little do they know you spent hours testing to bring out the best notes in even an unrefined tea. Also remember that your palette is always subjected to variables like hormones, age, mood, environment, health, time of day and prior tastings. Green tea because of its freshness is unmasked and vulnerable. Aracha tea even less processed is even more natural and subject to the slightest change. This is not a tea to rush. The farmers after a job well done prepare thier tea in the time of peace and solitude and reflection. They can only hope that you do the same and enjoy this outstanding tea! I am enjoying my 2011 just as much as I did in 2010. The challenge and out come is different but the satifation is top knotch. Just what I was hoping for! Thank you Hibiki-an for bringing us great tea.
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Date May 22, 2011

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